Lawton Chiles earned a reputation as one of America’s strongest, most consistent children’s advocates by standing up, speaking out, and taking decisive action to meet the needs of children and families for over 40 years.

The Lawton Chiles Foundation has been established to follow the path that Lawton Chiles blazed on behalf of America’s children. His legacy provides the unique opportunity to continue the good work he began through the vast network of children’s advocates and organizations that were united through his leadership and under the common goal of improving the lives of children.

The Foundation will identify and convene these individuals and organizations that carry forward his life work to effect safe, healthy, and nurturing environments for children through cooperative effort. The Foundation will support, expand and replicate successful programs that demonstrate best practices in child development, child health, child safety and welfare.

The Foundation’s first initiative, The Whole Child Project, is designed to assist Florida’s communities in building comprehensive, integrated, community-based systems to enable infants, young children and their parents to lead productive, rewarding lives.

The Foundations’ newest initiative, Worst to First, strives to make Florida, the 4th largest state in the country, and one of the most prosperous, a leader in the health, education, and investment we make in our children’s future. And we once were: Florida led the country with innovative programs to make sure every child entered kindergarten ready to learn. We developed cutting-edge anti-smoking programs that cut the rates of teen smoking dramatically, using the money we obtained from suing the big tobacco companies to do it.

The Legend of Lawton He-Coon is a pre-school through early elementary reader published by the Lawton Chiles Foundation to encourage families and caregivers to read with their children.
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This Time the People Won: The Chiles/MacKay Years 1991-1998 details the many
accomplishments that Chiles and MacKay achieved during their two terms as Governor
and Lieutenant Governor of the state of Florida.

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Read The Walkin’ Notes, Lawton Chiles’ 1970 journal detailing his famous walk through Florida.